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Wine, Beer, and Cocktails Menu

Red Wine

Inniskillin Pinot Noir 2014
Dry, light-bodied wine from Canada with smooth blackberry flavours
Masi Campofiorin 2012
Dry, full-bodied and well- balanced Italian wine with black cherry, leather, and smoky aromas.
Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Dry, full-bodied Californian wine with flavours of blackberry, cedar brush, black currant and vanilla
Serafino Shiraz Australia 2014
Extra-dry, full-bodied Australian wine with a coffee smoke and espresso nose from oak aging, with notes of blackberries
Black Sage Pipe Port 2009
Full-bodied and smooth port from Canada with flavours of blackberry jam and cassis preserves

White Wine

Tinhorn Creek Gewürtztraminer 2015
Dry, medium-bodied, classic gewürtztraminer from Canada with rose petal and lychee aromas, and a lemon zest finish
Tinhorn Creek Pinot Gris 2015
Dry, medium-bodied wine from Canada with smooth flavours of pear, honeydew melon, and grapefruit zest
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Dry, medium-bodied zesty sauvignon blanc from New Zealand with notes of gooseberry and guava

Oyster Bay Chardonnay 2015
Dry, full-bodied chardonnay from New Zealand with a green apple flavour and smoky finish

Mimosa for Two
A shared, small bottle of Henkell Trocken served with orange juice


Espresso Martinis & Cocktails

Made with organic, fair-trade espresso from Stoked Roasters in Hood River.
Served as a cocktail on ice or a shaken martini.
Beans of Bourbon
2oz of Bulleit Bourbon and espresso
You Ol' Bean - A Fresh version of an Old Fashioned
2oz. of Bulleit Bourbon, espresso, bitters, sugar, orange twist, and cherry
Roto - A Rossland Classic!
1oz Stolichnaya Vodka, 1 oz Kahlua, and espresso
Irish Roto
1oz Stolichnaya Vodka, 0.5oz Kahlua, 0.5oz Baileys, and espresso
Powder Day
1oz Stolichnaya Vodka, 0.5oz Godiva Chocolate liqueur, 0.5oz Baileys, espresso, and whipped cream
 Cozy Café
1oz Disaronno liqueur, 1oz Godiva Chocolate liqueur, espresso, and heavy cream
Über Expert
1oz Cazadores Tequila, 1oz Grand Marnier, espresso, heavy cream, and an orange twist


A local tradition! A four-friend line-up of shots strapped to a ski!
Choose from Fireball, Jägermeister, or a wide range premium shots.


Okanagan Spring Pale Ale
Okanagan Spring 1516 Bavarian Lager
 Okanagan Spring Big White IPA
Okanagan Spring Brewmasters Black Lager
 Sleeman Original Draught
Sleeman Honey Brown
Strongbow Apple Cider


Highballs & Cocktails

We have a wide range of spirits and liqueurs to suit any taste.


Pop & Juice

Coca Cola, Gingerale, Sprite, Root Beer, Ice Tea, Club Soda
Orange, Apple, Cranberry